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September 2nd, 2009

Beds for Kids

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If you’re working with a relatively tight budget for your kid’s bedroom décor and feel that you cannot buy all of the big pieces just yet, you can still make your little one’s haven as bright and spunky as his personality. The easiest—and most cost-effective—way to inject personality into your children’s bed room is by investing on the bed.

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, and once you purchase the bed that really captures your child’s personality or the design inspiration you have in mind, the bedroom will easily follow on the look you want to achieve. It would also be a good idea to have your kid join in the “hunt” for a bed. It’s a good way to bond, plus it helps to have the on-the-spot thumbs-up (or thumbs-down) from the little chief—you won’t believe how much time and energy you’d save in the long run!

There are many bed design options available in the market, and I’m sure you and your kid will feel a little loopy after. I went through so many options before I finally decided on my son’s bed: a platform bed in classic maple that can easily grow with him.

Not sure of what kind to get? Consider these:

Kids Bookcase Bed

Beds for Kids – Bookcase Bed

This is great for your little reader. The headboard is an actual bookshelf, so you can keep all your child’s favorite books within his reach—perfect for a bedtime story.

Kids Canopy Bed

Beds for Kids – Canopy Bed

I imagine this kind to be my little baby girl’s future bed, as this has the tendency to look very girly. It adds instant style to your girl’s room—with or without the fabric canopy.

Kids Storage Bed

Beds for Kids – Captain’s or Storage Bed

These two kinds are great for storage for all of your kid’s many knickknacks, with its side drawers. One thing about kids’ bedrooms is that it should have a lot of storage. You can’t have too many, and this one fits the bill perfectly.

Kids Platform Bed

Beds for Kids – Platform Bed

This is modern, sleeker, and fuss-free. It doesn’t look very kiddie, which older kids (like mine) prefer.

Twin Panel Bed

Beds for Kids – Panel Beds

This one is another classic style and it will grow with your kid, too. It has (usually) rectangular pieces of wood framing the bed—headboard and the footboard.

Kids Poster Bed

Beds for Kids – Poster Beds

This bed has four vertical columns or posts. It’s often confused with a canopy bed, but this bed’s posts don’t necessarily have to be very tall or framing the entire bed (plus overhead) like the canopy bed. 

Twin Slat Bed

Beds for Kids – Slat Beds

This has built-in bed frames, with slats that run parallel (and hold) the headboard and footboard. It’s common among antique and European designs.

Kids Sleigh Bed

Beds for Kids – Sleigh Beds

Simply put, this is a bed that looks like a sleigh, with curved headboard and footboard. This look can be classic or really whimsical depending on the design.

Toddler Beds

Beds for Kids – Toddler Beds

This one is for your…well, toddler. This is a fun bed, especially with all the built-in features like the many drawers and storage stairs. My son had one when he was two, which he outgrew when he turned five.

Kids Bed Trundle

Beds for Kids – Trundle Bed

With the extra “secret” bed under it, this is best for families with multiple kids and not enough room in the house

Kids Bunk Bed

Beds for Kids – Bunk Beds

Another space-saving option for families with two or more kids.  

Low Profile Twin Bed

Beds for Kids – Low Profile Bed

The bed frame of this bed is actually lower (closer to the floor) than the usual. I have friends who favor this kind, especially for their kids who move around a lot when sleeping, and sometimes fall off the bed!

Vicky (mom to a 7 year old boy and baby girl)

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